Magical creatures - Demiguise - Fantastic Beasts figurine

Magical creatures - Demiguise - Fantastic Beasts figurine

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Le Demiguise est une créature magique. Elle très difficile à repérer en raison de son aptitude à se rendre invisible lorsqu'elle est menacée.

The demiguise is known for two very powerful properties: invisibility and predicting the future. Only well-trained witches and wizards can see them; one must engage in something completely unpredictable to find the ape-like creatures, otherwise they'll predict their capture. Fun fact: it's possible demiguise hair was used to make one of Harry Potter's most prized possessions: his invisibility cloak. Demiguise hair pelts can be woven into them. 

Dimensions : 10,8 cm x 18,4 cm


  • Material: Resine
  • Dimensions:10,8 cm x 18,4 cm