Magical creatures - Niffler - Fantastic Beasts figurine

Magical creatures - Niffler - Fantastic Beasts figurine

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Le Niffleur est attiré, sans modération, par tout ce qui brille. Il est très utiles pour dénicher des trésors.


The niffler is an adorable platypus-like animal with a very expensive habit. The black-haired creature loves anything shiny, which means it can wreak havoc if it's in the vicinity of jewels, coins or treasures. Their tummies can serve as seemingly bottomless storage facilities, similar to the pouch Hermione Granger uses with an Undetectable Extension Charm in the original Harry Potter movies.

Dimensions : 10,8 cm x 18,4 cm

  • Material: Resine
  • Dimensions:10,8 cm x 18,4 cm