Magical creatures - Bowtruckle - Fantastic Beasts figurine

Magical creatures - Bowtruckle - Fantastic Beasts figurine

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Botruc est un ami des arbres. Il ressemble à une brindille ou un bout d'écorce, avec une petite feuille ou deux.

Son apparence lui permet de se cacher facilement et d'être très discret.

Warning: Bowtruckles can be sassy and suffer from separation anxiety. Well, at least Newt's favorite beast ''Pickett'' can. These hand-sized insects have sharp fingers and typically live in trees used to create wands. The tree guardians are peaceful creatures but will turn aggressive if anyone or anything threatens its forest home. What's for lunch: the twig-like creatures munch on wood lice.

Dimensions: 10,8 cm x 18,4 cm


  • Material: Resine
  • Dimensions:10,8 cm x 18,4 cm