Hungarian Horntail Plush  - Harry Potter

Hungarian Horntail Plush - Harry Potter

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Peluche Hungarian Magyar à pointes

Peluche de 35 cm représentant le dragon Hungarian Magyar à pointes.

Cette femelle Magyar à pointes est connue pour être la plus dangereuse de tous les dragons, surtout quand elle doit protéger son oeuf d'or. Dans ce cas, tous les coups sont permis lors du tournois des trois Sorciers ...

The Hungarian Horntail is considered to be one of the most dangerous dragon breeds. It has black scales, yellow eyes, with vertical, cat-like pupils and is lizard-like in appearance. It has bronze horns and similarly coloured spikes that protrude from its long tail which it will gladly deploy in combat. The dragon's roar is a yowling, screeching scream, and its flame can reach to about fifty feet and exceedingly high temperatures.

Made of 100% polyester thread.


  •  60 cm (open wings) / H 27 cm / L 45 cm
  • Weight:  gr


  • Surface cleaning by hand only.
  • Clean the plush with a washcloth moistened with warm soapy water.
  • Run a wet glove to rinse.
  • Then a dry glove to dry.